js13kGames Events

This is a list of events related to the js13kGames competition. Please feel free to suggest additions or edits to the list either by sending a pull request on GitHub or emailing them to contact@js13kgames.com.

Date Event Title Author
14/08/2017 Js13kGames Launch Party 2017 Jak zmieścić grę HTML5 w 13 kilobajtach? Andrzej Mazur
15/11/2016 Nardoz November 2016 Videojuego de 13kilobytes en JavaScript Giovanny Beltran
10/10/2016 BrisJS October 2016 JS13K Ash Kyd, Glen Arrowsmith, Kory Nunn
08/10/2016 JSConf Colombia 2016 Mi experiencia haciendo un videojuego de 13kilobytes en JavaScript Giovanny Beltran
07/10/2016 JSConf Colombia 2016 Técnicas para reducir código de juegos en JS Giovanny Beltran
07/09/2015 BrisJS September 2015 2D Canvas Basics and JS13K Game comp Glen Arrowsmith
28/08/2014 Meet.js Warsaw #7 Upchnij grę HTML5 w 13 kilobajtach Andrzej Mazur
20/09/2012 onGameStart 2012 13 simple steps to create a compo Andrzej Mazur

[14/08/2017] Js13kGames Launch Party 2017

Andrzej Mazur at Js13kGames Launch Party 2017

[15/11/2016] Nardoz November 2016

Giovanny Beltran at nardoz November 2016

[10/10/2016] BrisJS October 2016

Ash, Glen and Kory at BrisJS October 2016

[08/10/2016] JSConf Colombia 2016

Giovanny Beltran at JSConf Colombia 2016

[07/10/2016] JSConf Colombia 2016

[07/09/2015] BrisJS September 2015

[28/08/2014] Meet.js Warsaw #7

Andrzej Mazur at Meet.js Warsaw #7

[20/09/2012] onGameStart 2012

Andrzej Mazur at onGameStart 2012